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Here at The Coffin Company our focus and mission is to provide exceptional quality and service when providing funeral products throughout the world.

Traditionally the only source for coffins to the public would be a funeral director. However, in recent years this has changed.

In a recent consumer poll provided results showed that over 70% of consumers would purchase a coffin online. Today, we can make this possible from the comfort of your home or office as you can now choose from our website and we’ll arrange delivery to your home or chosen funeral director.





Handworker for customized Coffins

Passion and experience

We work with passion and dedication. We put precision in our work to explain every detail.

Our team has so many years of experience in the field of manual work which forges them a speed and an automatism

Perfection is the key

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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Handmade production
2, Rue Imam El Mezri,
Sidi Daoud, La Marsa 2046

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